Ways To Help

Help comes in many ways; never underestimate the power of one.

Get EDUCATED. Become an active VOICE.

  • Take the DV IQ quiz and share it so more people become educated on the signs and impacts of domestic violence in our community.
  • Share the website link, so more North Carolinians are aware of our state’s facts and the toll domestic violence takes on the health and sustainability of our communities.
  • Know the signs and act if you see someone who needs help.

Pledge your SUPPORT financially.

Get Others Involved.

  • Pass along the pledge link to your community and business peers for their consideration. Nationally, brands like Avon, DuPont , Verizon, Wells Fargo and others are aligning their philanthropic efforts to end violence against women. Churches and civic groups across the country are doing likewise. Take advantage of the free eNOugh DV-prevention materials available online. Create a ripple effect with your influence.