Ways To Help

Help comes in many ways; never underestimate the power of one.

Get EDUCATED. Become an active VOICE.

  • Take the DV IQ quiz and share it so more people become educated on the signs and impacts of domestic violence in our community.
  • Share the website link, so more North Carolinians are aware of our state’s facts and the toll domestic violence takes on the health and sustainability of our communities.
  • Know the signs and act if you see someone who needs help.

Pledge your SUPPORT financially.

  • Make a donation through PayPal. Click here for more details on how your investment will be used.

  • Make a donation to the eNOugh Campaign. As an individual or business, it’s our responsibility to invest in change to end this violence.
  • Pass along the pledge link to your business peers for their consideration. Nationally, brands like Avon, DuPont , Verizon, Wells Fargo and others are aligning their philanthropic efforts to end violence against women. Create a ripple effect with your influence.

With general questions, please contact eNOugh Campaign Program Manager Lisa Gray by email or by calling 704-641-4691.